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We believe God speaks to us through the Bible and we love to study it together on a Sunday by way of hearing teaching from a variety of gifted preachers. But we don’t just want to keep this all to ourselves, so we record all our messages so that you can enjoy them to. All our messages can be found below grouped into different preaching series on over on SoundCloud.


Our Current series is Relate

Every day we relate to those around us, be that our colleagues, our friends, our spouse, our parents or our children. Join us as we start the year exploring relationships from a biblical perspective, starting with how we relate to God and then seeing how that affects the way we relate to those around us.


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Previous series

Listen, Learn, Love

Incase you have gone on a lovely holiday and missed one of the preaches, have no fear, we store all of our teachings on SoundCloud for you to access anywhere, anytime.


If you want to listen on your phone offline, head over to Sound Cloud.