Rise Up to Transform the World

Spoken Word by Abi Turnbull

At Good News Church we believe God speaks to us in many different ways. This week Abi brought this spoken word during our worship time, which she was given prophetically by God.

I see men like trees walking, 
they look like trees but no roots, no fruit, just talking.
It’s like I can see but I can’t really see,
I’m wearing a mask hiding my real identity, 
which blocks out the light and strains my sight, 
so I see men like trees walking.
Trees have no feelings, 
no need for love, 
easy to ignore when I don’t feel I need shelter or protection
or something more than I can provide, 
which is why I wear a mask, 
I can hide.
We’re in a war and I’ve chosen a side, 
but I don’t need to fight,
I just need to survive
the constant raging voices telling me I need to fit in, 
and shut up, sit down, stay down
so I won’t be attacked
and can quietly live life on the side.

I was lying on a battlefield
closing my mind, 
closing my eyes when the general came by. 
He pulled me up on His horse, 
took me for a ride
to see His battle plans
and on them was written in blood
The war has been won, 
the price has been paid, 
His son gave His life that mine was reclaimed. 
At that moment I was remade.
But I didn’t know the call, 
the destiny, 
all He had planned for me. 
You see the war has been won by the Son, 
but there are battles to be done;
we weren’t born to run away
- this is the day we stand up and say

We are fully equipped, 
we have been given the spirit of power of love, 
sent from the Father above, 
sealed with the royal seal, 
we rise, 
oh, sons of righteousness rise up, 
rise and take your place. 
Don’t listen to the lies, 
you were not a mistake, 
adopted as sons, 
royal blood flows through our veins, 
everywhere we go love stains
like the ground where Jesus’ body was poured out,
like the room in the place the disciples chose to wait
when the spirit was poured out. 
We share the family inheritance, 
the plan of the Father to pour out his kingdom, 
His rule and reign, 
to rain down, ever increasing
so no more people pleasing, 
just freedom.
We took up our crosses with Christ and died there, 
we were saved there, 
and raised there, 
to live, 
amazed by His mercy that allows me to see through His eyes, 
see lives who are worthy of love
because they were made in the image of the God of love. 
No condemnation for us, 
so let’s no longer condemn the earth and men to judgment and death, 
to grief, and lust, and sin
– no, something better awaits, 
God’s grace.

So, I will be a God encounter to all who I meet
and everywhere I put my feet  
I will remember where my seat is – 
in heaven next to the king.  
And I will do battle as I love, as I sing, 
And I will win. 
For if God is for us, who can be against us?

I feel like my whole life has been lived on the cusp of breakthrough  
awaiting a time I could walk into my future,  
but now I see my destiny is my reality. 
And I am sure of my salvation, 
and of God's plan for all nations
to know Him and be free, 
because I now see men like God, 
with hearts of gold
rising up to transform the world.