“Never work with children or animals,” they say. “Why?” I ask

“Never work with children or animals” they say

“Why?” I ask

I’m a member of the kids work team here at Good News, I help by supporting the leaders and I can categorically say it’s a wonderful thing to do.

In our time together, we get to play games and do craft, we listen to God and write Psalms, we sing we pray, we read the Bible, sometimes we even dance!!! Do you know, it’s amazing what an 8 year -old can teach you about the Bible?

My favourite time is when we sit around the craft table creating and we just chat about school, friends, teachers, what they’re going to be doing that afternoon after lunch…….the kind of things that are important to a child at that time in their life. Sometimes they talk about a particular struggle they are facing or their worries for a friend or things at school and we can pray with them.

Although we’re few in number, both leaders and children; we’re big in heart. As leaders we try to help the children learn about valuing each other as individuals and understanding that everyone is different and unique but that everyone is loved by God and each has a very special place in His heart. We try to teach about being good friends, being respectful and kind, we try to work together and learn together and live the gospel together…. and as an adult I often find myself humbled by the children’s depth of understanding and wisdom; What’s the saying? ‘Out of the mouths of Babes and Infants’……..

 It can be a fun, sometimes challenging time because kids ask the most interesting questions and often give the most candid of answers, sometimes leaving me searching for words to explain a concept that to an adult is easy, but to a child it just throws up a hundred more questions and the inevitable, ‘Why?’ And I’m left asking myself the self-same question! Why? 😊

And so all in all, what I have to say is that it’s great being a member of the Good News Kids work team.

Teresa White