Hide or Seek

Are you a hider or a seeker? 

Our boys have started to enjoy a good game of hide and seek (though when I have to help Micah hide under the blanket before I start counting, the challenge is somewhat reduced). In hide and seek of course you either hide or seek, to do both at the same time is not an option. The best seekers are those who throw caution to the wind and leave no stone unturned in their search, a seeker who spends half his time hiding does not find many.

The Christian life is a lot like hide and seek, Jesus came to seek and save the lost and we are called to continue His work. As in hide and seek, we can either choose to hide, doing our best to make sure that we're not spotted as the believer, not seen as different, trying to blend in, or we can seek, looking for those God is drawing to himself, sharing our faith with those around us in the hope they might be saved. But, just like in hide and seek, you can't do both, all the time you're hiding, you won't find anyone. We have been found by God and are now designated seekers looking for others to join the team, let's give it our all finding as many as we can.

By Sam Priest