I am currently studying for my diploma in therapeutic counselling, and it has involved a pretty intense process of becoming much more self-aware, and understanding the importance of self-care! One thing I have realised, is how easy it is to become so busy with family, church, friends, responsibilities, housework and to neglect the responsibility we have to take care of ourselves. 
In psalm 23 it talks of the Lord being our shepherd; the one who makes us lie down in green pastures, who leads us beside quiet waters, who restores our soul.  

But we have to let Him do it. 

It seems to me that many people are often busy and overwhelmed with life, and when we do have time to spare we feel guilty for it. But, God gives us the gift of rest when we give ourselves time and space to enjoy His presence. He longs for us to take the time to be still, to acknowledge Him, to be restored by being in His presence.  

And it is crucial for our wellbeing. The idea of rest doesn’t seem to be looked on favourably by our bustling, demanding society but without it, we can easily miss the joy we find in allowing God to restore our bodies, our minds and our hearts. He promises that in Him we will find rest for our souls, and the concept of rest is one that God demonstrates to us at the very beginning in Genesis, “on the seventh day he rested.” 

I think rest looks different for each of us, but let’s be kind to ourselves and let God do the restoration work in us whatever that looks like. And let’s be kind to each other – God puts us in community so we can help one another to find rest a well.