Fat Dog Walkers

Fat dog walkers... you just don't see them. 

Recently I have started a morning routine of walking in the woods near our house and in doing so have joined the many dog lovers of Wimborne. After a while it occurred to me that none of those I pass each day seem overweight. This cannot be a coincidence and since I suspect that these people do not share their food budget with the dog, I can only conclude that it is the daily exercise which is keeping them fit and healthy. 

In the culture in which we live we have access to a staggering amount of Christian resources and teaching and can feast on them regularly. You only need turn on the TV, tune into a Christian radio station or visit a Christian website to see a range of teaching on all sorts of subjects. Whilst not all the resources available are worth your time (with some being barely Christian), there is a lot of good stuff out there and it is a real blessing to have such access to it. 

The question however is this; with such easy access to all this material, are we becoming spiritually fat? Are we consuming the teaching and prizing ourselves in how much we know without ever doing anything with it? Are we enjoying growing our minds and understanding without stepping out and exercising faith? Are we becoming spiritually fat? 

We would do well to learn from those dog walkers and to exercise our faith each day, looking to grow not only in our knowledge of God, but also in our trust in Him as we daily take steps of faith. I wonder what the church in the UK would look like if it was full of people whose 'faith muscles' were exercised daily.

By Sam Priest